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With JBL Flip 5, you will get the best quality sound, allowing you to play music for 12 hours and take less time to recharge. However, it is an irritating matter to you if your machine is not charging. Well, it happens for some reasons, and in this guideline, you will know those causes and the solutions to fix them. 

Reasons For JBL Flip 5 Not Charging And Ways To Solve Them 

JBL Flip 5 uses a lithium battery that provides you with a usage time of 12 hours on a single charge. However, when the speaker’s battery completely drains out, and you connect it to recharge, it will take 2.5 hours. But it fails to complete the task due to these reasons-

Loose Connection Of The Charger

The most common reason for not charging the speaker is its charger needs to be fixed to the outlet properly. When the charger is not connected to the socket firmly, it fails to transfer power to the machine from the power source. As a result, your speaker does not charge and can not play music. 

So, confirm that the charger is correctly attached to the outlet when your device is not charging. Otherwise, the same issue will happen repeatedly. 

Worn Out Cable 

When the charger is fixed to the socket correctly, but electricity does not transfer to the device, maybe something has happened to the cable. First, check the wire to see if it is in good condition.

The cable will prevent electricity from passing when the cable is worn out or bent. To confirm it, use another cable to charge the speaker. If the device gets power, then you need to purchase another charging cable for the gadget. 

Damaged Charger

Again, a damaged charger can be the villain for not letting the Flip 5 charge. Test it to another outlet when the machine is not charged from the regular outlet. If the result is the same, you are now confirmed that the charger is damaged. It happens when the pins in the USB port of the charger are broken or the charger is internally damaged. Changing the charger is the only solution to this problem. 

Faulty Outlet

Moreover, the not charging issue happens if the outlet is faulty. Your device needs a constant electric supply from the primary power source. JBL Flip 5 will get damaged due to inconsistent electricity supply. So, confirm the consistency of the electricity using a voltmeter. If you find a problem in the flow, look for an electrician’s assistance.  

Dirt In The USB Port Of The Speaker

Dust and debris can easily take place on the USB port of the gadget as there is no cover to conceal it. The speaker fails to charge itself as the volume of dust prevents it from connecting to the charger. To get rid of the not charging issue, clean the port with a cotton swab or a toothpick. 

Destroyed Circuit Board

Maybe the speaker’s circuit board is damaged, which is why your device is not charging. Accidentally, you drop your machine on the floor or wet it with water many times, which damages the circuit. If it happens to the device, take it to the service center to repair it. 

Worn Out Battery

The battery of the speaker comes with a particular life cycle. JBL Flip 5’s battery life is 500 cycles, which continues to reduce when you use the device and charge it regularly. Unfortunately, it fails to hold a charge when it completes its target. 

As a result, you connect it to the outlet for 2.5 hours for charging, but you will not get the actual outcome from it like before. Moreover, overcharging or not keeping the battery in cold places can profoundly impact the battery life. So, purchase a new battery and replace the matured battery with the new one. 

Outdated Software 

Why Isn't My JBL Flip 5 Charging & How To Fix It

In addition, your device will face trouble charging if its software is not updated. Therefore, the speaker should be updated with the latest firmware to fix bugs that are creating the charging issue. To update the firmware, you should have installed JBL connect app from the Google play store or Apple store. 

Once you pair the gadget with your smartphone and mark it from the app, you will find a firmware update option on the display. Simply update the firmware, and your difficulty will be removed. Hence, resetting the charging way of the device can be the problem remover in this regard. To do this, press the power and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. 

Factory Reset 

If nothing changes after doing all the processes I mentioned above, try to do a factory reset method for the speaker. It will set the machine to the default state, erasing any complications, including the charging matter. 

You need to press and hold on the volume up and the play button at the same time. After that, the machine will turn with an end sound. After completing the task, power on the speaker and use it seamlessly like before. 


JBL Flip 5 is a waterproof speaker that can take up to 3 feet deep. Unfortunately, water gets access to the machine if it crosses the endpoint, damaging the device’s inner circuits and resulting in a charging issue. So be cautious while you are taking it underwater to avoid this complexity. 

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