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Due to some possible reasons, your UE Boom 3 is not charging while it is connected to the wall socket. In this blog post, we’ll go over 8 reasons why your UE Boom 3 might not be charging, so you can troubleshoot the issue and get back to listening to your music as soon as possible.

  1.  The most obvious reason your UE Boom 3 might not be charging is that the charging port is dirty. Dust or debris inside the port prevents the charging cable from passing electricity from the socket to the machine. As a result, the device deprives of recharging itself.
    Clean the port with a can of compressed air or a tiny thing like a toothpick to remove dust or debris, and then try to charge again. Be aware of not to damage the port while using a toothpick to clean dust from the port.
  2.  The damaged cable is another potential reason your UE Boom 3 isn’t charging. A frayed or broken cord can not transfer power to the speaker. Charge the machine with a different charging cable to confirm the previous charging cable is damaged.
  3.  UE Boom 3 is not getting power when plugged into the outlet; check the charger to verify that you have secured it correctly. Electricity cannot pass through the wires when the charger is loosely attached to the socket.
    Moreover, if the charger is perfectly fixed, but the charging light is not turning on, maybe the problem is in the outlet. Use a multimeter to determine whether the outlet is good or not. Hire an electrician if the result becomes negative. 

Why Is My UE Boom 3 Not Charging

  1.  It’s also possible that the charging port on your UE Boom 3 is damaged. You can not charge your Boom 3 using a destroyed charging port. Take it to a skilled person or a service center to repair the port.
  2.  Another potential reason for your UE Boom 3 not charging could be a problem with the battery. The battery may destroy due to overcharging the speaker, or maybe it fills its life cycle. And this is why the gadget’s battery cannot hold the charge. Restoring the battery with the new one will solve the issue. 
  3.  Charging circuitry inside your UE Boom 3 can also be the reason for the not charging case. It may damage when the device accidentally hits the floor or faces overheating. For these reasons, the machine fails to consume power. To solve the matter, you need the support of the service center.
  4.  If you’re using a car charger to charge your UE Boom 3, make sure that the charger is plugged into a working outlet. If the outlet is not providing power, the speaker will not charge.
  5.  Finally, ensure the charging cable is correctly connected to the UE Boom 3. If the line is not connected properly, the speaker will not charge.

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