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JBL Xtreme speaker turns off repeatedly is irritating when you want to play music but fail. Unfortunately, you are not the sole one that is facing this problem. Most people suffer the exact matter and search for solutions. In this guideline, I will discuss common reasons for turning off issues and provide solutions for how to fix them. 

Common Causes For Turning Off JBL Xtreme Speaker

JBL Xtreme is well known for providing high-quality crystal clear sound and can play music for 15 hours. However, a JBL Xtreme speaker will not produce music when it faces issues like these-

Battery Not Charged 

The first cause of a JBL that keeps turning off is that the machine is not fully charged. As a result, it will stop suddenly and will not play audio. So, when your device shows this issue, you should check whether it is fully charged. Then, connect the Xtreme to the outlet with a charging cable and turn it on when charging is completed. 

Not Properly Connected To The Outlet 

Why Does My JBL Xtreme Speaker Keep Turning Off

Another problem is that the speaker’s cord needs to be appropriately connected to the outlet. This is because it consumes power from the primary electricity supply source to charge itself via cable. When the cable is not secured to the socket correctly, the gadget fails to collect energy from the outlet. As a result, the turing off issue occurs. To solve this matter, ensure the device’s cord is correctly connected to the outlet and the machine is getting interrupting the power supply. 

Damaged Battery 

The other cause is the damaged battery for the speaker’s turning off. The machine will not turn on when the battery is out of service. At this moment, replacing the battery is the only solution. However, depending on the model, you will have difficulty changing a battery. 

Faulty Charging Cable

When the device’s cable is damaged, it will not pass energy to the speaker. For this reason, a gadget deprives of necessary power and will keep turning off. Instead, provide a different cable and charge a JBL for later use. 

Overheating Issue

You often play music in a JBL Xtreme with a loud sound for a long time, leading to an overheating issue in the machine. Every JBL gadget has a built-in amplifier that protects it from damage from short circuits. When the Amplifier senses too much heat inside the device, it shuts down the speaker to avoid destruction. If it happens to your equipment, you need expert help to fix this. 

Automatic Turn-off Feature 

An automatic turing-off feature is given in every JBL model. It activates when the speaker is left idle for 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be turned off, as there’s no choice but to do it. So the only thing you can do is activate the speaker by playing music all the time. 

These are the reasons for not activating the machine all the time. Problems will be solved when you apply a particular trick for a specific reason. Besides these solutions, there are also additional things that are given below- 

  • If the matter is still troubling with your Xtreme speaker, you can use the resetting method. To do this, press and hold the volume up and the play or resume button simultaneously for a few seconds until the power turns off. It will erase all the saved information and fix problems in a machine. Now, turn on Xtreme and play music. 
  • Another troubleshooting step is for you to update the firmware version of the gadget. Download the latest firmware from JBL’s main site and follow the instructions on the site to update the speaker. 


In JBL Xtreme, the noise and echo canceling system are given so that you will get a clear sound when you are on a call. You can take the assistance of client support if you fail to resolve matters. They can fix the problem or replace the speaker if it’s defective.

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