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PowerBeats Pro vs PowerBeats 3If you want to grab the best PowerBeats earphone, then we highly recommend PowerBeats Pro. Though PowerBeats 3 is also an excellent device to choose from, but the Pro version is better.

What Makes PowerBeats Pro a Better Choice?

  • The PowerBeats Pro is integrated with the Apple H1 chip, which changes the game of connectivity. It is compatible with the latest Bluetooth, plus ensures fewer dropouts. Besides, the PowerBeats 3 has an Apple W1 chip. Compared to the W1 chip, the Pro versions’ H1 chip offers two times faster-connecting speed. 
  • Both feature fast fuel charging when the battery gets low. But with a 5 minutes charge, it delivers 1.5 hours charge. At the same time, its competitor gives a 1-hour backup. 
  • PowerBeats 3 may give you a 12 hours battery, but it cannot save battery life. In contrast, the PowerBeats Pro can stay for 9 hours, yet its H1 chip has battery saver mode. Thus, you can pick this Pro device confidently. 
  • It includes an Audio Sharing function so that you can enjoy the same songs or podcasts with your friend. In comparison, its brother doesn’t give these properties. 
  • Compared to the PowerBeats 3, this earbud lets you enjoy a balanced and powerful sound because it creates better bass than the other one. 
  • It is a perfect fit for a workout because this won’t be stuck around your neck due to sweat. In contrast, since the PowerBeats 3 is designed with a cable that lays down on the neck, it may be stuck there. Thus you may be uncomfortable with this earpiece. 
  • PowerBeats Pro is comfortable to wear for hours since it is lightweight. Moreover, its adjustable ear hooks ensure it securely stays in place for hours compared to the PowerBeats 3

PowerBeats Pro will deliver you outstanding sound quality compared to the other one since it has improved functions, as you can see. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your earphone, this should be your best bet.


Similar Features: PowerBeats Pro and PowerBeats3 

  • These two earbuds offer a button and voice assistant control system. Hence, you can effortlessly operate them. 
  • PowerBeats 3 and Pro feature the Find My app so that you can easily track your earphones if you lose them. 
  • Both devices are water and sweat-resistant, which makes them very durable. 

Quick Comparison: PowerBeats 3 vs Pro

Specifications PowerBeats Pro  PowerBeats 3 
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5
Headphone Chip Apple H1 Chip Apple W1 Chip
Fast Fuel Charge Yes (5 minutes charge = 1.5 hours backup) Yes (5 minutes charge = 1-hour backup)
Audio Sharing Yes No 
Battery Life  9 hours  12 hours
Dimensions 10 x 7.87 x 11.02 inches 1 x 5.94 x 1 inches
Weight  ‎0.64 ounces 7.4 Ounces
Control Interface Button Button
Voice Assistant  Siri  Siri 
iOS and Android Compatible Yes Yes 
Track lost earbuds Find My app Find My app
Bluetooth + NFC Yes Yes
Sweat Resistant IPX4 rating Yes
Charging case Yes Yes
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences and Similarities: PowerBeats 3 vs PowerBeats Pro


PowerBeats Pro and PowerBeats 3 are in-ear wireless earbuds. Both give different types of ear cups, such as – small, medium, and large. Thus, you can pick a comfortable size for you.

However, these two are lightweight compared to any traditional devices on the market. In addition, PowerBeats earphones have an adjustable fit, hence, you can wear them for hours still they will stay in place. 

Sound Quality 

You will get rich sound quality on the PowerBeats Pro compared to the PowerBeats 3. It creates incredible bass, also has noise isolation so that you get a balanced sound. In contrast, the PowerBeats 3 also offer the finest tone, but it doesn’t provide a noise isolation function.


PowerBeats Pro includes an Apple H1 chip that delivers convenient connectivity. The H1 ensures an improved connection speed compared to the PowerBeats 3 W1 chip. It is two times faster than the other one, as well as ensuring a fewer dropouts. 

In addition, the Pro is built with the Audio Sharing feature so that you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts with your friends. Unfortunately, the PowerBeats 3 doesn’t integrate with the Audio Sharing feature, and it is slightly slower to connect to another device. 

Anyhow, these PowerBeats earphones are compatible with the Find My app. So if you lost your earbud, go through the app, which will show you the map. Or your device will make a sound thus, you can effortlessly get your earphone. 

Battery Life 

PowerBeats 3 deliver a 12 hours battery life with a full charge, besides, the Pro offers 9 hours. But the PowerBeats Pro has a battery saver mode that is missing on the rival one. 

Furthermore, these earphones have Fast Fuel feature while the battery is running low. PowerBeats Pro takes 5 minutes to give up to 1.5 hours charge, whereas the PowerBeats 3 offer a 1-hour backup. 


In terms of control, PowerBeats Pro and PowerBeats 3 are the same. Both devices can be controlled via the “b” button or “Siri” voice assistant for the hands-free function. In addition, they let you control the volume or change track right from the earbuds. Moreover, these allow you to pick a call effortlessly press the button. 

Durability and Warranty 

These PowerBeats earbuds are water and sweatproof, hence you can use them confidently for years to come. They combine with a limited one-year warranty for any manufacturer damages. 

In addition, you will get a 30-days return policy with these earphones. If you are not satisfied with your choice, return it with the original box. Remember another thing, and the warranty is only available in the USA. 

Final Words

PowerBeats Pro creates amazing sound compared to the PowerBeats 3. In addition, this device is effortless to connect with other BT-compatible devices since it has an H1 chip. So, we highly recommend the Pro for you rather than the PowerBeats 3. But if you are looking for a less expensive device, then PowerBeats 3 would be your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions about PowerBeats 3 and Pro

Are they Android compatible?

Yes, the PowerBeats Pro and PowerBeats 3 earbuds are iOS and Android compatible devices. 

Do they use the same Apple Chip?

The PowerBeats Pro includes an Apple H1 chip, whereas the PowerBeats 3 comes with Apple W1 Chip. 

Does the PowerBeats Pro offer different ear sizes?

Yes, this device comes up with small, medium, and large ear sizes. 

How long is the battery life of the PowerBeats3?

This combines with a 12 hours battery backup on a full charge. Additionally, this device offers fast fuel charging. 

Can I pair the PowerBeats Pro with the Peloton?

Yes, it can be paired up with the Peloton bike via its Bluetooth settings menu.

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