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PowerBeats 3 vs 4Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats 4 are becoming resistless in the wireless headset market. But, if we compare both headphones, Powerbeats 4 will be the ultimate winner.

What Makes PowerBeats 4 Winner?

  • The latest Apple H1 audio chipset conducts the Powerbeats 4, which is outstanding with the optimization that provides super smooth sound quality and increases the range of headset connectivity. On the contrary, the Powerbeats 3 used Apple’s previous Apple W1. This W1 chip is also well-furbished, but when it comes to the updated and more tidy performance than the Apple H1 will go first.
  • Powerbeats 4 concedes 15 hours and more battery power than Powerbeats 3. Where the Powerbeats 3 delivers 12 hours of battery backup. So, the Powerbeats 4 will take one step forward in the battery life segment in the long term use.
  • This headset comes with dustproof and water-resistant ability, an incredible feature with time flow. So that user can use this headset in any condition he wants. Unfortunately, the Powerbeats 3 does not have that dustproof and water-resistant ability. As a result, it can bother you either in rain or outdoor activities.
  • It has two microphones to run the headset, and one of them is for noise canceling, which is a futuristic movie from the Powerbeats 4. That noise-canceling microphone blocks the unwanted noise while listening to music or voice call. In comparison, the Powerbeats 3 included only one microphone on the headset. Consequently, this one mic capability is not enough to satisfy noise canceling though it receives many sound details.
  • The control panel of this headset makes it handier because it is designed especially to get access to the volume control without connecting to the handset. On the other hand, the Powerbeats 3 is designed ergonomically and does not add any control panel.
  • The Powerbeats 4 supports a voice command function that helps control by voice instead of pushing the control button, which adds some extra advantage to the headset. In contrast, the Powerbeats 3 is incompatible with the voice commands option.
  • This headset is pretty lighter with 26.3 g of weight than the Powerbeats 3. where the Powerbeats 3 is 39.6 g. However, users will feel more comfortable with the Powerbeats 4 because of its lightweight.

The Powerbeats 4 impacts the basic units of a headset. With updated and well-organized features. So, you can go for the Powerbeats 4, and it will not disappoint you.


Similar Features

  • Powerbeats 3 and 4 allow passive noise reduction that assures sound quality with maximum clarity and prevents the leaking out of music.
  • These headsets can be used wirelessly. The wire becomes removable for this stuff.
  • The sweat resistance makes these headphones more reliable while exercising, and there are no worries about sweat entering.
  • Both headsets added a battery indicator on the body, which notified the battery level and switched on or off confirmation.

Comparison Table: PowerBeats3 vs PowerBeats 4

Specifications  Powerbeats 4 Powerbeats 3
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Battery Life 15hours 12 hours
Fast charging No No 
Audio chip  Apple H1 Apple W1
Microphones 2 1
Bluetooth  4.2 5.1
Android ™ compatible Yes Yes
Voice command Yes  No 
Water resistance  Yes  No 
Weight  26.3 g 39.6 g
Warranty  12 months 12 months

Things you can consider about PowerBeats 3

  • Powerbeats 3 affirms an ergonomic design that gives comfortable wearability. Some users find it more adopting than the Powerbeats 4.
  • It came up with in-line control. Which is the headset control button in the cable, and it is so easy to find.

Hence, the Powerbeats 3 can be a great deal if you concentrate on comfort. It’s a powerful headset either.

Difference & Similarities: PowerBeats 3 vs 4


The Powerbeats 4 uses the all-new Apple H1 audio chipset with flawless optimization that gives proper sound outcomes. This chipset is two times faster than the previous Apple W1 chipset. Therefore, it assures rapid fast connectivity, wide range, accurate sound quality.

Also, it helps to get decent performance with the battery. But, the Powerbeats 3 includes an Apple W1 chipset. The W1 chipset was best its time, but it is pretty behind the H1 chipset because powerboats developed an H1 chipset with befitting characteristics.

Battery life

These headsets are quite brilliant with the battery. They execute satisfying battery life. Between these two, The Powerbeats 4 confirms 15 hours of battery life that can cover a whole day with the battery backup. Where The Powerbeats 3 comes with 12 hours of battery life. This backup also can cover the day Powerbeats 4 has extra 3 hours, which can’t be ignored as battery power.


Two high-quality microphones are available on the Powerbeats 4. These mics work on individual sectors. The first one is for sound receiving and recording, and the second is for noise cancellation. This noise cancellation improves sound quality and listening to music without any interruption.

But, the Powerbeats 3 works with a single mic, and there is no alternative mic for the noise canceling. As a result, the user might face noise cancellation issues while listening or voice calling.

Noise Cancellation 

Both of these headsets support passive noise reduction. This facility ensures accurate sound while voice calling and listening to music by blocking sound leaks.

In addition, Powerbeats 4 allows noise cancellation by adding an extra mic, whereas Powerbeats 3 got only one mic. Still, it is also promising with the sound quality except for noise cancellation. 

Sound Quality

Two of the headsets are excellent with sound quality. But, since the Powerbeats 4 uses an updated and well-organized chipset, it is briefly ahead of the Powerbeats 3 with sound quality. Apart from these, users can barely find out the difference in sound quality because both perform pretty well in low sound.


Powerbeats sanctioned a 12 months official warranty with these headphones. However, the warranty will be valid only if it gets damaged eternally. Self-made damages can not count under warranty.

Final word 

The Powerbeats 4 is the successor of Powerbeats3. So, the manufacturer has to update specifications and features before the launch. Therefore, Powerbeats 4 is ahead of Powerbeats 3 in some significant segments, which makes the Powerbeats 4 a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions about PowerBeats 3 and 4

Are these headsets compatible with android?

Yes, they are compatible with both android and iOS.

Do we get any charging USB cable with these headphones?

Yes, they put a USB charging cable on the box.

Do these headsets support fast charging?

Unfortunately, No. You have to charge it with a regular handset charger.

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