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Powerbeats 3 vs 2Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats 2 both are remarkable in wireless headphones. They are pretty identical, but some features make Powerbeats 3 a worthy pair of headsets. Now Powerbeats 3 is the first choice for music lovers.

Why PowerBeats 3 is Better?

  • Powerbeats 3 offers up to 12-hour battery life, ensuring flawless audio playtime. This battery gives an extra advantage to those who do long-term workouts. In comparison, Powerbeats 2 can last around 6 hours with its battery capacity. So, the user might be faced a battery running out problem issue during the whole day’s use.
  • This headset uses Apple’s W1 chip that allows superfast connectivity through accurate optimization. Consequently, users can connect these headphones to Apple devices like iPhone, Apple smartwatch, etc. Whereas, Powerbeats 2 is not equipped with a W1 chip and has regular Bluetooth connectivity. Accordingly, these headphones are not updated as Powerbeats 3.
  • The latest Fast fuel charging supports Powerbeats 3, which affirms a 1-hour runtime with 5 minutes of charge. Therefore, charging becomes hassle-free and easy. On the other side, Powerbeats 2 holds a regular charging system that takes 15 minutes to deliver a 1-hour battery backup. Consequently, it is slightly behind from present charging mechanism.
  • This headphones design is unique and premium called an ergonomic design that helps to keep the highest comfort and perfect wearability. The Powerbeats 2 is also easily used, but the Powerbeats 3 is improved and polished. 
  • The Powerbeats 3 came up with a toggle that helps tighten up the headset cord according to the user’s comfort. On the contrary, Powerbeats 2 did not include any toggle with headphones.

Overall The Powerbeats 3 maintains consistency with its exceptional features and performance. So, it is highly recommended to those users who need updated features and stylish outlooks.


Similar Features

  • Powerbeats 2 and 3 allow extreme noise cancellation that gives quality sound in crowded areas.
  • They used a robust microphone that can better record, including full sound details and a smooth calling experience.
  • The battery condition indicator keeps the user one step forward to daily life. That feature can notify the user by glinting light when low battery.
  • Both headphones are water and sweat-proof. This facility offers hassle-free workouts in any condition or weather.

Comparison Chart: Powerbeats 3 vs Powerbeats 2

Specifications  Powerbeats 3 Powerbeats 2 
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Battery Life 12 hours 6 hours
Fast Fuel  charging Yes No 
Apple Audio chip  W1 chip None
Bluetooth  5.1 4.0
Android ™ compatible Yes Yes
Water + Sweat resistance  Yes Yes
Weight  14 ounces 0.8 ounces
Warranty  12 months 12 months

Things You can consider about Powerbeats 2

  • The price of Powerbeats 2 is lower in price comparison to Powerbeats 3.
  • Powerbeats 2 has flexible ear hooks that are comfortable because most users are used to these kinds of earbuds.

So, If anyone is okay with these features, they can go for it either; after all, Powerbeats 2 is a good Bluetooth headset.

Difference & Similarities: Powerbeats 3 vs Powerbeats 2


The Powerbeats 3 arrives with 12 hours of battery backup. This massive battery life to a wireless headset ensures more power and more music with stable audio quality. Furthermore, fast fuel charging offers endless power commitment when the charge gets low, and it can confirm up to a 1-hour backup by only 5 minutes of charging.

In comparison, Powerbeats 2 comes with 6 hours of battery life, and there is no fast charging option. In that case, users might face battery life issues in the long term of use.


The latest Apple’s W1 chip runs the Powerbeats 3. This chip is so powerful that it optimized the headset for robust connectivity with maintaining speed. It also increases the range of connectivity from the device to remain strong and deliver the best sound quality.

This chip helps to connect Apple devices like iPhone, apple watch very quickly. On the other hand, the Powerbeats 2 is incompatible with any chipset. It uses regular Bluetooth connectivity. 


There is quite a difference between Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats 2. The Powerbeats 3 came with an upgraded, ergonomic design. This design especially looks at comfort and improvement of wearing. So, users do not feel any discomfort and eliminate the possibility of falling. In addition, the headset has a toggle to adjust according to the size of the head.

Where the Powerbeats 2 design with ear hooks. Which is lightweight and comfortable, too, but this design is pretty old compared to the latest headset. Moreover, this design did not allow any toggle, so there is no way to tighten up the wire. Hence someone can find it annoying while running or doing other workouts.


Powerbeats always used a powerful microphone to their headsets. And here, it is also maintained—two headsets built with the same microphone that allows smooth recording and accurate voice typing. So users can feel an ultrasmooth experience while using google assistant or Siri.

Build Quality 

Powerbeats 3 and 2 are made from high-quality plastic, making these headphones lightweight and durable. In addition, these headphones are well designed, and their mate finishing gives them an ultra-premium elegance.


These headphones carry 12 months official warranty. The manufacturer provides the security by adding conditions like they won’t repair any self-made damage. They commit to solving specific problems.


The Powerbeats 3 is created according to customers’ needs and comfort by adding some latest features. And it will always be attractive by its looks as well.Now.Powerbeats 3 is the first choice for music lovers. Therefore, it will be a proper choice for wireless headphones

Frequently Asked Questions about Powerbeats 3 and 2

Is there any charging adapter added to these headphones?

Unfortunately, no, Only a charging cable is available to these headsets.

Are they compatible with Water Resistance?

Yes, both headphones are water and sweat-resistant.

Do they give any delay while watching the video?

The Powerbeats 3 doesn’t delay because of the W1 chip, but Powerbeats 2 can sometimes wait because it is a Bluetooth featured headset.

Can we get extra ear tips with these headphones?

Yes, The Powerbeats 3 offers six pairs of ear tips and Powerbeats 2 gives three pairs of ear tips.

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