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Polk MC80 vs RC80IPolk MC80 and RC80i have almost similar features, but some advanced features made Polk RC80i is a winner in this comparison.

Why Polk RC80i is Best?

  • With Polk RC80i, you will get one-inch Tweeters that deliver you more depth in music. On the other hand, MC80 comes with only 0.75-inch tweeters.
  • This device comes with a pair that means its covered more area in your house. In contrast, its competitor MC80 has only a single device.
  • Polk RC80i includes a mineral-filled polymer cone and composite driver basket, giving you more house coverage. So, you will get surround sound in every corner of the house. On the other hand, its competitor does not have this feature.
  • This device comes with a variant of ceiling point, while MC80 does not have any variants.

Both devices have almost the same feature, but these advanced features make RC80i a winner in this comparison. In Addition, with this speaker, you will get better sound than MC80.


Similar Features of Polk MC80 and RC80i:

  • Both speakers come with simple setup options. You don’t need any extra assembly.
  • They provide 8-inch woofers that give a wide range of responses with clear sound.
  • These speakers have a seamless sound that creates high efficiency, clear sound, and lower distortion.

Quick Comparison

Specification Polk MC80 RC80i
Editors Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 3.5 pounds 4.3 pounds
Product Dimension 10.6 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches 12.1 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches
Tweeters Size 0.75 inch 1 inch
Woofer size 8 inch 8 inch
Color White White
Speaker Type Ceiling Speaker Ceiling Speaker
Quantity in Package  Single Pair
Moisture Resistant  Yes Yes
Aimable Tweeter Yes Yes
Connector Type Spring Clip Spring Clip
Output power 20-100 20-100
Frequency response 50-20kHz 50-20kHz
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years

Differences and Similarities Between Polk MC80 and RC80i 


Both speakers come in a round shape design, and they can fit any ceiling in the house. They both come in white color with a premium outlook. Polk MC80’s weight is 3.5 pounds, and its dimension is 10.6 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches. On the other hand, Polk RC80i’s weight is 4.3 pounds, and its dimension is 12.1 x 11.8 x 9.8 inches. In Addition, they have paintable aluminum grills that can be painted to match your ceiling color. In that way, you can disappear them virtually.

Set Variants:

Polk RC80i provides multiple variants. It comes within a pair that means you are getting more cover area by using this speaker. This speaker tweeter size is 1 inch while its competitor MC80 tweeter size is 0.75 inches. RC80i comes with different variants, while MC80 has only one speaker variant.


These speakers’ setup system is straightforward. No need to call technicians to set this; you can set this easily. They have a one-cut drop-in assembly system. After completing three simple setup options, you can play these speakers. Both speakers get a vibration-free setup and do not need any extra parts.

Sound quality and Driver:

They are specially designed to deliver seamless sound with excellent bass. Polk MC80 ceiling speaker with 8inch woofer and 0.75inch tweeter delivers standard sound quality with no distortion.

On the other hand, Polk RC80i has the same size woofer with a 1-inch tweeter. Both speaker tweeter is Aimable which means they will provide you more details and balanced sound. In Addition, RC80i includes a mineral-filled polymer cone with a composite driver that will give you better sound coverage than Polk MC80.  

Rubber Seal:

Both devices have a Rubber seal that will drive you better respond and prevent moisture access. You don’t have to need to worry; you can use them in the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, Polk RC80i is suitable for a sauna, while its competitor does not have this build quality. So, in this section, Polk RC80i is the winner.

In the Box:

With Polk RC80i, you will get- 2 speakers, 2 grilles, 2 cardboard templates with paint masks, an owner manual, and a registration card.

On the other hand, with Polk MC80, you will get- one speaker,2 cardboard templates with paint mask, owner manual, and warranty card.

Durability and warranty:

Polk is one of the trusted companies because of its craftsmanship. Their build quality is premium, and they use cutting-edge technologies that make them more durable. As a result, you can use them for a long time. In Addition, Polk offers 3 years official warranty. In this period, if any damage happens, then it will be fixed without any charge.


Polk MC80 and RC80i are both specially designed to deliver a balanced sound profile. Both speakers produce good quality sound, but we recommend you Polk RC80i because this speaker gives you a better tweeter, one extra pair speaker, and a better driver basket.

For all of these reasons we suggest you buy this one. If you interested in Polk MC80, then you also can go for this. Think wisely before purchasing anything.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polk Mc80 VS RC80i

Does Polk MC80 have a 70volt transformer for built-in?

Unfortunately, no, Polk Mc80 does not have any 70-volt transformer built-in.

Will these speakers work without any amplifier in my kitchen?

No, these speakers need to be connected to an amplifier. They can’t be connected directly to an echo.

Do these speakers connect directly via Bluetooth to my TV?

Unfortunately, no, these speaker does not support any Bluetooth. Instead, they need to connect with an amplifier for connecting with other devices.

How much space does it need for the ceiling?

This speaker size is not too big, and it takes little space on your ceiling.

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