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JBL Endurance Peak vs PowerBeats ProIf you are looking for power-packed wireless headphones, then the Powerbeats Pro will be the best choice because this headphone is significantly ahead of the Jbl Endurance Peak with the features. So, you should choose the Powerbeats to get updated specifications.

What Makes Powerbeats Pro Best?

  • This headphone comes with 9 hours of battery life that ensures non-stop listening time over the day. In addition, for that backup, Powerbeats Pro needs only 1.5 hours of charge which is quite impressive for wireless headphones. At the same time, the JBL Endurance Peak delivers 4 hours of battery life that hardly covers half of the day. As a result, most long-term users find it annoying as they need to charge repeatedly.
  • The Fast Fuel powerful, quick charge technology is available in the Powerbeats Pro, which can assure 1.5 hours of battery life with 5 minutes of charge when the power is about to end. In contrast, the Jbl Endurance Peak charges its battery by a standard fast charger that needs 10 minutes charge for 1 hour of power backup. In that case, the Powerbeats Pro becomes super consistent.
  • The Powerbeats Pro offers the latest Bluetooth Class 1 technology for seamless connectivity. The connection range becomes wide and stable for having the Bluetooth Class 1 or 5.1 that confirms 300 feet of holding connections. Unfortunately, the JBL Endurance Peak came up with the previous version of Bluetooth and a maximum range of this 30 feet. Besides, the connection with the device is not as strong as the Powerbeats Pro.
  • The wearability becomes comfortable with the adjustable ear hook design of the Powerbeats Pro. Moreover, you can adjust the ear hooks according to your ear size. On the contrary, the Jbl Endurance Peak does not allow you to adjust the earbuds though it offers a secure fit design.
  • This headphone is compatible with always ON voice assistant features that will assist you by saying ‘Hey Siri’.on the other side; the Endurance Peak needs to be customized for the voice assistant.

After comparing these significant segments, it is evident that the Powerbeats Pro is professional and improved with the components. So, it will be a good asset in music listening in your daily life.


Similar Features

  • Powerbeats Pro and Jbl Endurance Peak are compatible with both ios and android and can connect with different Bluetooth devices in a second.
  • These headphones provide a robust charging case that assures power backup to the headphones.
  • These headphones come with an in-ear form of earbuds, which accurately fits the ear.

Comparison Chart: Powerbeats Pro and Jbl Endurance Peak

Specifications  Powerbeats Pro JBL Endurance Peak 
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Battery Life 9 hours 

With charging case 24 hours 

4 hours 

With charging case28 hours 

Fast Fuel charging Yes  No 
Audio chip  Apple H1 None 
Microphones 2 1
Bluetooth  5.1 4.1
Android ™ compatible Yes Yes
Voice command Yes  No 
Water resistance  Yes  Yes 
Certification  IPX4 IPX7
Warranty  12 months 12 months

Things that you can consider about JBL Endurance Peak

  • The controlling panel of this headphone has complete touch control. As a result, skipping songs, declining, or receiving calls can quickly be done with earbuds.
  • This headphone is IPX7 certified that makes the earbuds waterproof. However, you can run, exercise in the rain and even swim while wearing it.
  • The JBL Endurance Peak includes a powerful battery charging case that ensures 28 hours of power backup. Indeed, you will never short the battery with these earbuds.
  • This earbud offers a budget-friendly price, which can be the deciding factor.

Overall, the JBL Endurance Peak is a reliable performer on a budget. If you want the best with the budget, the JBL Endurance Peak will be perfect.

Difference & Similarities: JBL Endurance Peak vs PowerBeats Pro


Apple’s second-gen audio chipset H1 operates the internal program of the Powerbeats Pro. This chipset is especially known for its accurate optimization, which boosts connection speed, battery life, and clear sound with better quality. Besides, the headphones remain stable at low power.

Unfortunately, the JBL Endurance Peak has no audio chipset that is quite compromised with the overall performance and optimization. In addition, the battery consumption becomes out of control for not having an audio chipset. So, this chipset segment shows that the Powerbeats is convenient.

Battery life

The Powerbeats Pro can deliver 9 hours of battery life at earbud alone, which gives you a good advantage at long-term use and hassle-free battery backup. As a result, you get extra playback time during workouts.

Moreover, the Fast Fuel quick charge technology makes Powerbeats Pro the ultimate power provider. Because this charging technology provides 1.5 hours of battery life with 5 minutes of charge and fast fuel technology fills the power rapidly when the battery gets low.

At the same time, the JBL Endurance Peak holds the battery life for 4 hours with a single charge which is okay for now and then uses, but in regular use or use for workouts and long journeys, the JBL Endurance Peak is not consistent with the Powerbeats Pro. Besides, its fast charging is standard level and behind Fast Fuel.


The latest Bluetooth Class 1 or Bluetooth 5.1 is available in Powerbeats Pro. As a result, the connection becomes solid and stable. Also, you will get a better connection range which keeps you connected from up to 300 feet away from the device.

Consequently, the JBL Endurance Peak offers Bluetooth 4.2 that is also strong with connecting speed but not very satisfying with the connection coverage because this Bluetooth holds a maximum of 30 feet of connection range.

Sound Quality 

These wireless earbuds are brilliant with their sound quality. But when we were comparing them, we found Powerbeats Pro delivers a bit more clear sound details than the JBL endurance Peak. However, the JBL Endurance Peak also assures a great sound experience, and you will hardly notice the difference.


The Powerbeats Pro and the JBL Endurance Peak sanctioned a one-year official warranty. However, they are committed to fixing specific problems with some policies. Therefore, we urge you to read the warranty guidelines before purchasing.


The Powerbeats is well defined and comes with updated components. Though the JBL Endurance Peak is a budget-friendly overall performer, the Powerbeats Pro is robust with the specification. So, buying it will be the best decision if you search for feature-packed handy wireless earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions about JBL Endurance Peak and PowerBeats Pro

Do the Powerbeats Pro single earbuds pair?

Yes, you can connect either both earbuds or the single one.

Can I get a charging adapter with these earbuds?

Unfortunately, these headphones come with a USB charging cable instead of an adapter.

Are these headphones compatible with Qi or Wireless charging?

No, the charging system of these earbuds is standard fast charging.

How can I apply for the warranty? 

You need to contact the manufacturer via amazon.

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