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Updating the firmware will help JBL Xtreme fix some minor issues and add new features that will change your experience. It is a handy process, and it does not take much time. Check out the steps to update the JBL Xtreme speaker to the latest firmware version. 

Steps To Update The JBL Xtreme’s Firmware

The updating process will take some time when you provide the machine with the latest firmware. Hence, you have to wait till that time to finish the task. Now, see the steps to be completed for updating the gadget-

Step 1: Download JBL Connect App 

The first step is to download the JBL connect app for your device. Because updating the firmware is to be done from the app. iOS or Android, what operating system is in your mobile is not a matter of thinking.  JBL connect app is available for both systems and can be downloaded from the app store or play store. Once you’ve got downloaded it to your phone, install it. 

Step 2: Pair The Speaker To The Smartphone Through Bluetooth

In this step, you need to connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Ensure the Bluetooth of both devices is turned on and pair the speaker with it when the phone finds the Bluetooth network of the audio machine. 

Step 3: Connect The JBL To The Outlet 

How To Update JBL Xtreme

Ensure the JBL is secured with a constant power supply. As firmware updating requires much time, it is necessary to provide the device with sufficient energy. If the speaker is not occupied with power and suddenly runs out, then updating process will not occur. 

Step 4: Open The JBL Connect App 

Tap on the JBL connect app icon installed in the phone to open. It will show the name of the JBL model you currently use in a few seconds when mobile and Xtreme are linked via Bluetooth. Next, select your audio device and wait to open the next page. 

Step 5: Tap On the Exclamation Mark On The JBL Icon 

The app will give information about the firmware update of the gadget. If an update is available for the device, it will show an exclamation mark on the top right corner of the JBL speaker picture. If not, the sign will not show up. Select the icon, and the firmware update will begin to start. It will take a couple of minutes to complete. When the task is finished, it will restart itself automatically. 


See, JBL Xtreme needs only five steps for updating the firmware. However, it is a quick and easy process and updates the firmware regularly to ensure your speaker’s best performance. 

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