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Maybe you are trying to fix any issue with the JBL boombox, but you failed; that’s why you are trying to reset your speaker. In this article, you will learn how to Reset the Bluetooth speaker and how many ways to do it. 

Ways To Reset JBL Boombox-

How To Reset JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox is a Bluetooth speaker that gives you a quality sound and fills your satisfaction. It is compatible to connect a smartphone, tablet, or even a TV using an aux connection. 

But due to some reasons like pairing devices via Bluetooth not taking place, or connected but not working smoothly, etc., and you cannot use the speaker; then you can choose any of these two methods-

  • Soft reset
  • Hard reset 

Soft Reset 

A soft reset is a way of fixing simple problems like not pairing to mobile, sound distortion, etc., via restarting the machine. It is not hassling work and will not erase any data saved into the speaker. Let’s see the process of how to do it-

  1. The first thing you have to do is to turn on the machine. A soft reset has to be done when the device is on. 
  2. Locate the play or resume and volume buttons on the device’s body. Put your fingers on the volume down and the play or resume button. 
  3. You should put pressure on both buttons simultaneously and stay for a few seconds.
  4. The blue light of the gadget will turn off, which means that the soft reset is successfully done.

Suppose the machine is not turned off; it means that you did not hold the buttons at the same time. To power it off, apply the same process. 

  1. Now, press the device’s power button to activate it. If the mobile’s Bluetooth is on, then the JBL Boombox will automatically connect to it. Check if the issue is solved or not. 

Hard Reset 

Another way to resolve the trouble with the gadget is to do a hard reset. A hard or factory reset will fix complications and refresh the machine like a new one. 

As it will erase all the saved data or paired devices from the gadget’s memory, you need to pair your phone or tablet while using it. 

Moreover, you should apply factory or hard reset; if you want to sell it, give it to your friend or like to erase the existing paired devices. This is how you can employ a hard reset to the gadget- 

  1. Ensure the JBL BoomBox is activated. 
  2. Find the resume or play button and volume up button on the device’s surface. 
  3. Place your fingers on these two buttons and press them simultaneously for a few seconds until the light is turned off. 

If you find the gadget is not deactivated, the pressure you give on both buttons has not taken place together. So, you must repeat the same process to provide the JBL with a factory reset. 

  1. When the factory reset is done, switch on the power button to let the machine search the available Bluetooth devices. Match your phone or tablet with it and enjoy its performance. 


JBL Boombox is excellent for giving you a high-quality sound. However, whenever the machine falls into a problem and nothing fixes it, use any resetting methods after understanding the depth of the difficulty. 

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