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If you want to connect 2 or 3 or even more, you can do so with a JBL boombox. This device relies on Bluetooth to link to a smartphone and can establish the same network among 100 JBLs. Follow the guideline to learn how to fix multiple speakers to a phone via Bluetooth. 

Ways To Connect JBL Boombox 

JBL Boombox is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that allows you to join multiple speakers of the same brand with your smartphone. This can be done in two ways, and they are as follows-

  • Bluetooth
  • JBL connect app 

This is how you can secure the speakers to a smartphone. But check the first way-

How To Connect 2 JBL Boombox

  1. The first step is you need to turn on the JBL speakers. Press the power button to switch on all speakers. 
  2. In the second step, affix all the JBL speakers to the phone via Bluetooth. For this, you should turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile so that it will find available Bluetooth speakers near its network. Pair them with the gadget to build the network via Bluetooth.
  3. However, in the third step, play any of your favorite songs from your smartphone with whatever music app you use. One of the secured speakers will activate and produces music. 
  4. Now, to get the same sound from all devices, press the connect plus button of the active speaker. It is like a glass hour with a plus icon beside the power button. 
  5. Push the same connect plus button on the remaining speakers. It will help them join the activated one and produce the same music. 
  6. If you want to break the network between the speakers, simply press the connect plus button of the targeted speaker, and it will stop producing music. It will also be done by turning off the speaker.

The second way is-

  1. Ensure the speakers you want to use are powered on and secured to the mobile via Bluetooth. 
  2. Download JBL connect app or JBL portable app from the app store on your smartphone. Android or IOS operating system device, whatever you use, this app is available for both systems. 
  3. This app will show you which speakers are linked to the mobile. In addition, it allows you to activate all speakers at the same time and generates the same music. To do this, you need to push the connect button on the app displayed on mobile. 
  4. It also offers you to enjoy two modes- stereo and party. If you want the stereo, click on it from the app. One speaker will work from the left, and the other is from the right. Or if you select the party mode, it will give the exact sound. 


In JBL Boombox, the produced sound is well-balanced, so you will get a clear and loud sound from it. Moreover, the sound quality will be the same when you affix several JBL speakers simultaneously by applying these two methods. However, connect it to the phone and enjoy the music. 

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