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To check the battery level of your Ultimate Ears Boom 3, you can do it in two means. Follow the guideline to know those ways and apply any of the two methods that are easy for you. 

Ways To Know The Battery Level Of Boom 3

How To Check Battery Level On UE Boom 3

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is a wireless speaker that allows you 15 hours of battery time to listen to music on a single charge. However, it shuts down when its charge runs out, and it takes 2.75 hours to get itself fully recharged. To not let the speaker stop suddenly and make interrupt hearing music, you can check the battery level by following these strategies

  • Pressing Volume Buttons
  • Ultimate Ears Boom App 

Method 1: Volume Buttons

The first way to get to know the battery percentage of your speaker is to push the device’s buttons. In the Boom 3 machine, two buttons, (+) and (-), are used to increase or decrease the gadget’s volume. Use these buttons to get to know the current battery level of the Boom 3. But you must push buttons simultaneously to activate an audio voice that will notify you of the battery percentage. 

If the battery is fully charged, you can use it for 8 to 10 hours or 6-8 hours when the battery decreases to 75 percent. Moreover, it can play music for 4-6 or even less when the battery’s power level is 50 or less than 50 percent. 

Second Method: Ultimate Ears Boom App 

It is easier to check the battery percentage of the machine than to push the physical buttons. You need to download and install Ultimate Ears Boom App from the apple store or Google play store. When you have had the mentioned on your smartphone, tap on it to open and connect to the speaker wirelessly. Now, locate the (+)/(-) areas and select. It will show you the actual battery level of the machine. 


Now you know how to examine the battery stage on your UE Boom 3. Always ensure the status of the battery using those techniques and charge the speaker when necessary. 

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