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Bose Soundlink Revolve vs JBL Charge 4Investing in either the Bose Soundlink Revolve and JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speakers is worth it. But we suggest you pick JBL Charge 4 because it contains more advanced features than the other one.

Why We Suggest JBL Charge 4?

  • This Bluetooth speaker gives you non-stop playback time for up to 20 hours. In contrast, the other one provides only 12 hours of battery backup.
  • JBL Charge 4 is an IPX7 rated waterproof device, while Bose Soundlink Revolve is only IPX4 rated that is only splashproof. But with IPX7 rated devices can even be drowned in the water.
  • This speaker comes with 12 variants of color options so you can select your desired color. On the other hand, Bose Soundlink Revolve comes with only two color options.
  • In this JBL Charge 4 speaker, you will get the Bass Radiator feature that provides you with monstrous bass. At the same time, Bose Soundlink Revolve provides standard bass output.
  • This speaker can be connected with more than 100 Connect+ speakers, while Bose Soundlink Revolve connects with only two stereo sound devices.
  • With this speaker battery, you can charge your smartphone or other devices. That means the JBL Charge 4 battery works as a power bank. In contrast, its competitor does not have this advanced feature.

These advanced features kept JBL Charge 4 one step ahead of the other one. As a result, you will love this Bluetooth speaker more than other speakers.


Similar Features:

  • Both speakers can be connected with multiple speakers.
  • Bose Soundlink Revolve and JBL Charge 4 are built to deliver sound from every angle.
  • They both have a certified waterproof rating.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Bose Soundlink Revolve JBL Charge 4
Editors rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 1.46 pounds 3.21 pounds
Product Dimension 3.3 x 3.3 x 6 inches 3.5 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Color Black, White 12 Variants Available
Battery Life 12 Hours 20 Hours
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer Battery required 1 Lithium Polymer Battery required
Waterproof IPX4 rated IPX7 rated
Bass Radiator No Yes
Pair Speakers Yes Yes
Audio Jack 3.5 mm No
Power Bank No Yes
Speaker Omnidirectional Forward Facing
Microphone Yes No
Voice Control Yes No
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Difference and Similarities Bose Soundlink Revolve vs JBL Charge 4

Design: Bose Soundlink Revolve is more portable than JBL Charge 4. Bose Soundlink Revolve weight is 1.46 pounds, and dimension is 3.3 x 3.3 x 6 inches. On the other hand, JBL Charge 4 weight is 3.21 pounds, and its dimension is 3.5 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches.

JBL Charge 4 comes with a cylinder shape, and it is built horizontally. In contrast, the Bose Soundlink Revolve comes with an aluminum body, and it looks more premium. Bose Soundlink Revolve is smaller, and it fits anywhere easily.

Setup and Controls: This Bose Soundlink Revolve has a voice controls feature, while JBL Charge 4 does not have this feature. There are buttons at the top of the speaker, and the usual buttons are power/volume and pause /play present in the speakers.

Sound Quality: JBL Charge 4 comes with powerful sound quality. This speaker gives you top-notch sound and bass. In addition, charge 4 has a JBL Bass Radiator that will give you a better bass. On the other hand, Bose Soundlink Revolve is also an excellent music player. This speaker comes with a 360-degree design that will send the sound to every corner of the house. It’s the best speaker for indoor parties.

Battery: Before buying any device, we should consider the battery part. JBL Charge 4 comes with a powerful and longer battery life than Bose Soundlink Revolve. This device provides up to 20 hours of playback time, while Bose Soundlink Revolve comes with only 12 hours of battery life. JBL Charge 4 battery can be used as a power bank. It’s capable of charging smartphones and other devices.

Waterproof: Bose Soundlink revolve is an IPX4 rated waterproof device. This device is resistant to water splashes. On the other hand, JBL Charge 4 comes with IPX7 certified rating which means you can submerge the speaker 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. So, JBL Charge 4 gives full protection from the water. If you want to enjoy the beach or poolside parties, then you should consider this one.

Pair Speakers: By pairing your device with other enabled speakers, you can amplify your sound.JBL charge 4 has a JBL connect+ feature that allows pairing with other 100 connect+ speakers. This feature makes the sound more rich and quality full. At the same time, Bose Soundlink Revolve can not pair with many such speakers, and you can connect with only two speakers.

Speakerphone: It is a plus point for Bose Soundlink Revolve because it comes with a built-in speakerphone that lets you use the device during your conference or personal calls. With this, speakerphone you also can control the device via Siri or google assistant. But sadly, there is no speakerphone feature on JBL charge 4.

Durability and Warranty:  These speakers are made with premium fabric material, but Bose Soundlink Revolve has a premium aluminum body.JBL and Bose both offer a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty period starts after the product buying.

Final words: After all of the discussion, we think you already know which device is better for you. Still, we suggest you choose JBL Charge 4 because it has longer battery life, standard waterproof certified rating, variants color option, and a JBL bass radiator. Otherwise, Bose Soundlink Revolve is also a better choice for any small indoor party.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose SoundLink Revolve and JBL Charge 4

Does JBL charge 4 include a charger?

It includes a charging cable, not a wall charger.

Is Bose better than JBL?

It depends on their sound quality. Bose overall is better, but JBL Charge 4 gives rich and monstrous bass.

Does JBL Charge 4 have a power bank for charging purposes?

Yes, JBL Charge 4 works as a power bank.

Does Bose Soundlink Revolve have an AC plug for the wall?

Yes, it does, But it is used for charging the speaker’s battery. Therefore, the revolve cannot be powered from mains electricity independently of the battery.

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