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Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700If you are trying to pick the best speaker between Bose Soundbar 500 and 700, you should consider Bose Soundbar 700. Because Bose 700 provides more advanced features than the older one.

Why Should You Pick Bose Soundbar 700?

  • The Bose Soundbar 700 has a better overall audio quality and is louder than Bose soundbar 500. It’s suitable for in-room coverage, whereas its competitor comes with simple sound quality.
  • This device comes with an Optical audio cable and HDMI cable. On the other hand, Bose Soundbar 500 has only an HDMI cable.
  • Bose Soundbar 700 contains a universal remote, with that remote; you can control the whole entertainment option.
  • This device can handle DTS and Dolby Digital perfectly. While Bose soundbar 500 only can take Dolby Digital.

These are the advanced feature that made the Bose Soundbar 700 winner. With this speaker, you will get a better sound quality than Bose Soundbar 700.


Similar Features

  • Both devices have a voice assistance feature, and it gives an extra advantage with built-in voice commands for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Airplay2.
  • They come with QuietPort technology that reduces turbulent noise while getting more sound through a smaller opening for virtually distortion-free bass.

Quick Comparison: Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700

Specification Bose Soundbar 500 Bose Soundbar 700
Editors Rating 4 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Weight 7lbs 10.5lbs
Battery 2AA Batteries 4AA Batteries
Height 1.75” 2.25”
Width 31.5” 38.5”
Remote For soundbar Universal
Optical Audio Cable No Yes
Design Matte-finished top Premium glass top
Built-in Alexa Yes Yes
HDMI-ARC connectivity Yes Yes
Audio input Optical Optical
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Warranty Five years Five years

Differences and Similarities: Bose Soundbar 500 vs 700


The Bose Soundbar 700 is an amazing high-end-looking speaker. It has a premium glass top which makes this device more durable. There are two buttons on the top. One button controls the speaker’s microphone, and the other holds the action button. On the other hand, Bose soundbar 500 has matte-finished tops, which don’t show fingerprints easily. It has the same button as Bose Soundbar 700.


This Soundbar is 38.5 inches long and 2.25 inches tall. If you have a massive home theatre, then it’s the best pick for you. Whereas Bose Soundbar 500 is 31.5 inches long and 1.75 inches tall. This speaker is perfect for small to midsized rooms. You can add extra parts later without purchasing a new soundbar.


This device produces high-quality audio and a perfect for a massive theatre-sized room. This Bose Soundbar 700 provides better sound quality and can get louder; it supports other audio formats too. Without an extra speaker in the room, this soundbar gives you much better sound quality.

So you feel that sound is coming from the surrounded. While Bose Soundbar 500 sounds great on its own and fills a small to medium-sized room. There is a subwoofer, and the bass is average. You can add a base module to improve the bump.

Voice Assistance:

These speakers feature the voice assistant and provide an extra advantage with built-in voice commands for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay.Both speaker voice assistant features are remarkable, quick, and reliable.


Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 both are feature external connectivity, and they can connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and ethernet. They are feature excellent incessant connectivity that assures smooth working. In addition, there is another smart feature that is Adaptiq Mics. This feature can sense and calibrate to adjust the voice quality accordingly.

Standard Specs and Feature:

Basically, Both speakers have standard specs that ensure great function. Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 have a built-in QuietPort for the bass that provides clear sound. In addition, it keeps the sound quality more apparent.

Sound Quality: 

It is proved that the Bose Soundbar 700 features richer, crisp, and louder audio quality. There are no significant differences in sound. You can purchase an extra woofer if you love listing too high bass music.


Bose Soundbar 700 feature with Universal remote. You can easily switch from one playlist to another. On the other hand, the bose Soundbar 500 comes with a standard IR remote covering the needs. Universal Remote is also compatible with the 500, but you need to buy it separately.


Both speakers come with quality full batteries to give you a better musical session without any break. The Bose Soundbar 700 comes with a 4AA battery, while Bose Soundbar comes with 2AA batteries.

Durability and Warranty:

These two amazing speakers provide all great features and deliver precise sound bass. Both speakers are super durable. Bose soundbar 700 has premium glass in the top, and Soundbar 500 has Matte-finished in the top. Bose speaker offers a 5-year warranty. In the manufacture time, if the product gets damaged, then they fixed it free.


After this discussion, now you can understand that both speakers deserve to be part of your home. But if you want excellent bass with outstanding sound quality, then Bose Soundbar 700 is the best choice for you. After reading this article, we hope this article helps to decide which product is great for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose Soundbar 500 and 700

Is this possible to connect the Bose Soundbar 700 with a bass module to a home speaker 500?

Unfortunately, you can only stream audio from an app or Bluetooth.

Is soundbar 700 has a HDMI input?

The Bose soundbar 700 has one HDMI output to the TV.

Are these soundbars made in china?

Both Soundbar manufactured in Malaysia.

Can any headphones work with this Bose soundbar 700?

Yes, you can use any headphones with these soundbars.

Is the Bose soundbar 500 wireless?

This soundbar connects to your home wireless network. To get audio, you need to connect with HDMI or optical cable.

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