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Bose Revolve vs Revolve PlusBose revolve and Bose Revolve Plus is amazing portable Bluetooth speakers for outdoor activities. But,  if you want advanced performance, you should get Bose Revolve Plus

Why is Revolve Plus the better option? 

  1. Bose Revolve Plus is upgraded with an impressive battery life of more than 16 hours. Another side, Bose Revolve’s playback time is only 12 hours. So, with Bose Revolve Plus, you will get extra battery life. 
  2. This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a fabric handle. Therefore, you can easily travel with this speaker. But, Bose Revolve doesn’t have this feature. 
  3. Both devices produce 360-degree sound but Revolve Plus delivers crystal clear music every time. Besides, Revolve cannot make crisp clear music even though it featured 360-degree.

So, suppose you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with impressive battery life and portability, Bose Revolve Plus will be a fantastic choice, and we strongly suggest you this wireless device. Otherwise, if you want a smaller Bluetooth speaker and save a couple of dollars, get the Bose Revolve speaker. 

Standard features of Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus speakers have water-resistant designs. Hence, you don’t need to worry about accidents like falling in the showering water or pool. 
  2. Their bumper design will protect them from bumping whether they fall a little harder from your hand. 
  3. Both Bluetooth speakers support Siri and Google assistant. So, you can simply make dinner reservations or send a text message, and all you have to do is hold the multi-function button. 
  4. These devices are app compatible so that you can personalize all the necessary settings effortlessly.
  5. If you need more sound with them, you can simultaneously turn on the party mode to play two wireless speakers. 
  6. The connectivity range of these devices is up to 30ft ( 9m). Hence, you can place your phone anywhere and play your favorite songs. 

Quick Specifications Chart: Bose Revolve vs Revolve Plus

Specifications  Bose Revolve  Bose Revolve Plus 
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.9 out of 5 
Playback time  12 hours  16 hours 
Fabric Handle  No  Yes 
Connectivity range  up to 30 ft (9 m) up to 30 ft (9 m)
Weight  1.5 lbs  2 lbs
Dimension  5.97″ H x 3.24″ W x 3.24″ D 7.25″ H x 4.13″ W x 4.13″ D
Waterproof  Yes ( IPX4 rating)  Yes ( IPX4 rating) 
App Control  Yes  Yes
Warranty  One-year Limited  One-year Limited 

Similarities and Differences between Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Sound quality: 

Both Bose Revolve and Revolve plus are true 360° speakers. Therefore, they will spread jaw-dropping, deep sounds in every direction. Hence, you and your friends will get the same experience. In addition, if you want to have a live concert feel, just set the speaker near a wall; the sound will radiate and reflect around the room.

Moreover,  both Bluetooth devices have a new single-extrusion process that will eliminate the seam. So, You will have a detailed sound quality, not even a single seam. For a beautiful musical experience, both speakers are excellent. 

Durable and Water-resistant design: 

Both wireless Bluetooth speakers are designed with a durable and water-resistant design (IPX4 rating). Therefore, you don’t need to worry about little water, plus you can place it in different places. Moreover, their bumper design will protect these devices from falling damage. 

Battery life: 

When you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, you must focus on the battery life. Bose Revolve Plus comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides impressive battery life for up to 16 hours. On the other hand,  Bose Revolve has only 12 hours of battery life. So, if you are looking for a full-day listening experience, Bose Revolve Plus will be an excellent choice.

However, both speakers support the cradle. Therefore, just set them on the cradle when you are home and relax. These devices will play music at the same time get recharged. So, they will always be ready to go, whenever you are. 

Application and Voice command: 

You can access everything about these wireless Bluetooth speakers via The Bose Connect app. In addition, with the app, you can get tips, unlock product features and adjust the settings. Hence, you enjoy music more time rather than setting them up. 

In Addition, you can change these speaker connections with a single swipe. So, your friends also can play their favorite songs. Again, if you needed louder, you can turn it up with Party Mode to play 2 wireless speakers together. 

However, both Bluetooth speaker supports Siri and Google Assistant. Therefore, you can simply make dinner reservations or send text messages to your friends. So simple, right? 

Weight and dimension: 

Bose Revolve weighs 1.5 pounds and its dimension is 5.97″ H x 3.24″ W x 3.24″ D. On the other hand, Bose Revolve weighs 2lbs, and its dimension is  7.25″ H x 4.13″ W x 4.13″ D. You can think that Revolve is easy to carry as it is lightweight plus it has smaller dimensions, but Revolve plus’s flexible fabric handle will ensure easier portability.


Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus are fantastic Bluetooth speakers. But, if you want to get the best one with more battery life and easy portability, Bose Revolve Plus is the right option. We strongly believe, this device will provide you with a great musical experience. Otherwise, you can choose Revolve to save some money. 

Frequently asked questions about Bose Revolve and Bose Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker

How do I charge the battery of Bose Revolve without a cradle?

Bose revolve comes with a micro USB port on the back. So, you can plug in the power cord and charge the battery. 

Is there any sound quality difference between Revolve and Revolve plus? 

No, specifically there is no difference in the sound quality. They have only differences in battery life. 

If I purchase Bose Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker in the USA, does the Bose Soundlink revolve come with an international warranty? 

Yes, this Bluetooth speaker comes with a one-year international warranty. But the warranty applies when purchased new or purchased from an authorized retailer. In addition, you must show a receipt as proof of purchase. 

What is the connectivity range of Revolve Plus Bluetooth Speaker? 

The connectivity range of this speaker is up to 30 ft (9 m). 

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