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Boom 3 vs Wonderboom 2Boom 3 and Wonderboom 2 are two portable, lightweight Bluetooth speakers with advanced features that put them at the top of the user’s choice. But, testing all the properties of these devices, I would highly recommend you go with the Boom 3 if you want better spending.

Why I Recommend Boom 3?

  • With the Boom 3, you can listen to music for up to 15 hours while its opponent will provide you only 13 hours of listening time. So, you will get more listening time with Boom 3.
  • The Bluetooth range of the Boom 3 is about 150 feet, while the Wonderboom 2 can cover only 100 feet. So, the Boom 3 will allow you to connect it with your smart devices from more distance. 
  • A magic button for your ultimate control has been placed at the top of the speaker with the Boom 3, which will let you control it with your finger without touching your device. On the other hand, the Wonderboom 2 does not offer you this essential feature.
  • The Boom 3 provides you 90dB maximum sound capacity, but the Wonderboom 2 can give you only 86dB maximum sound capacity. Therefore, the Boom 3 can offer you louder sounds.
  • It takes 2.5 hours to get a full charge of UE Boom 3. Whereas the Wonderboom 2 takes 2.6 more hours to get it full. So, to get a fast-charging benefit, you should go for the Boom 3.

For getting better performance with your Bluetooth speaker, I would strongly suggest you choose the Boom 3, considering its satisfactory properties mentioned above.


Similar Features of Boom 3 & Wonderboom 2 

  • The Boom 3 and the Wonderboom 2 can offer you a 20k maximum frequency response, ensuring quality sound with more details.
  • With these Bluetooth speakers, you will get a two-year limited warranty that you can use if you find any manufacturer’s fault with your device. 

Quick Comparison: Boom 3 vs Wonderboom 2

Specifications Boom 3 Wonderboom 2 
User Ratings 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5 
Run Time  Up to 15 hours 13 hours
Wireless Range  150 feet 100 feet
Magic Button for Ultimate Control  Yes  No 
Maximum Sound Level  90dB 86dB
Water Resistance  Yes (up to 30 minutes) Yes 
Battery Charging Time  2.5 hours 2.6 hours
360 Degree sound  Yes (deep bass and bold sound) yes
Maximum Frequency Response  20k 20k
Bluetooth Version  Yes  Improved 
Product Weight 1.34 pounds 0.93 pound
Item Dimension  2.9 x 2.9 x 7.25 inches 3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches
Color  Lagoon Blue Bermuda Blue, Crushed Ice Grey, Radical Red, and Deep Space
Connectivity  Wireless  Wireless 
Connectivity Technology  Bluetooth Bluetooth
Power Source Rechargeable Battery  Rechargeable Battery 
Product Warranty  2 years limited  2 years limited

Similarities & Differences Between  Boom 3 and Wonderboom 2


The Boom 3 comes with a cylindrical design with one color of lagoon blue. Plus, it is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker with a gorgeous look. This UE device weighs 1.34 pounds with 2.9 x 2.9 x 7.25 inches of item dimension. 

In addition, the Wonderboom 2 has four more colors: Bermuda Blue, Crushed Ice Grey, Radical Red, and Deep Space. It is also a lightweight gadget with only 0.93 pounds, and 3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches is its product dimension.

Sound Quality 

These UE brothers have 360 degrees sounds that will provide you with a crystal clear and immersive sound. But, if you love to enjoy a louder sound, you must go with the Boom 3 as it offers you a 90dB maximum sound level. But, the Wonderboom 2 has only 86dB sound capacity. 

At the same time, these UE brothers can provide you with a 20k maximum frequency response that will give you a crystal clear and vivid sound with more details. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

The Boom 3 and the Wonderboom 2 are stunning wireless Bluetooth speakers with fantastic connectivity. But, the Boom 3 is more capable of providing you with comfortable connectivity as it can connect your devices from up to 150 feet distance. Besides, the Wonderboom 2 also covers good connectivity with 100 feet connectivity distance. For better connectivity from more distance, you can choose the Boom 3.

One-Touch Button for Ultimate Control

A one-touch button for ultimate control of your Bluetooth speaker is combined with the Boom 3 at the top of it. So, you can play music, skip, pause, and control the speaker without touching your smart devices, instead, you can do it on the speaker itself. On the other hand, this essential feature is not available with the Wonderboom 2.

Battery Life

It is crucial to know before buying a Bluetooth speaker about the duration of the product. This time, the Boom 3 must be your go if you love to play music for a more extended period because it provides you up to 15 hours of listening time, while the Wonderboom 2 can give you only up to 13 hours of listening period. Therefore, considering this feature, you can go with Boom 3.


Most of us want a Bluetooth speaker to keep them with us while traveling somewhere, even on the beach or the swimming pool. And, the Boom 3 and the Wonderboom 2 are two water-resistant portable Bluetooth speakers, and they can stay well even into the water. You can put these UE brothers speakers for up to 30 minutes; no issue will be seen. Looking at this point, you may go with anyone that you want. 

Compatible Devices 

In terms of Bluetooth speakers, it is essential to know what devices you can connect with a particular Wireless speaker. These UE devices are compatible with all kinds of android devices, iOS, and so on.

Last Words

Considering the features mentioned above, I would strongly suggest you purchase the Boom 3 if you want to have a great experience with your Bluetooth speaker. It will let you 15 hours of listening time, 150 feet Bluetooth connectivity range, and a magic button at the top of the speaker that will allow you to control it without touching your smart device.

Besides, you can enjoy the louder sound with more details as it offers you 90dB sensitivity. But, if you are satisfied with the Wonderboom 2, you can go with it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boom 3 vs Wonderboom 2

Does the Boom 3 have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, it does have two years of limited international warranty, but you must be careful always to get the extra protection since the item is electronic.

Does the Boom 3 play while charging?

Yes, you can play the Boom 3 even while charging.

Will the Boom 3 speaker pair with my iPhone 13?

Yes, you can pair the Boom 3 with your iPhone 13 with no issues. 

How is this quality of Boom 3?

These Boom 3’s are excellent in terms of their quality. They have a good loud sound both inside and out. In addition, they have 360 degrees of sound

How to pair speakers?

Follow these steps, and thus you can pair these portable speakers. First of all, Press the middle buttons simultaneously and wait for a sound, and then they should pair.

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