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Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 are well-established wireless headsets in the present market. But, some latest specs make Beats Studio 3 more efficient and the best deal for music lovers.

What Makes Beats Studio 3 Best?

  • Beats Studio 3 added a new Apple W1 chip that optimized the headset hardware’s cleaning performance, affirms superfast connection to the devices, and maintains extended area coverage with flawless connectivity. Again, this chip can boost up the battery life. Whereas Beats Studio 2 contains previous Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow the updated W1 chip. For this reason, it delivers less connection speed than the recommended one.
  • This headset is eligible for a mega battery supplying 22 hours of power backup, which confirms nonstop music and all-day-long use. Accordingly, One full charge is enough for long-distance travel without concern. In comparison, Beats Studio 2 delivers 20 hours of battery backup which is pretty impressive, but the battery backup of Studio 3 is more satisfying.
  • New Fast-Fuel charging takes Studio 3 to another level of charging, which assures 3 hours of battery backup with just 10 minutes charge. Sadly, Studio 2 is not compatible with that Fast Fuel feature. So, users need to wait a specific time to get healthy battery life.
  • Studio 3 comes with a Pure Active Noise Cancellation feature, which can omit unwanted sounds and ensure apparent sound quality so that users can feel the actual sound and get an ultra-smooth calling experience. This headset used two microphones for pure active noise cancellation. In contrast, Studio 2 included only a microphone for active noise cancellation, which makes the sound quality unsatisfactory sometimes.
  • Its two built-in mics provide high-quality recording with every sound detail and deliver a smooth voice calling experience. On the other hand, the Beats Studio 2 came up with 1 one built-in microphone that supports only adaptive ANC. So, this headset is pretty behind Studio 3.
  • Beats Studio 3 runs with the latest 3rd generation of the beats studio series, ahead in terms of optimization and hardware. On the contrary, the Beats Studio 2 holds the 2nd generation of the Beats Studio series, and it didn’t contain updated features or favorable headset outcomes.

Beats Studio 3 makes its supremacy by featuring outstanding specs. Although the Beats Studio 2 is also a decent headset but the Beats Studio 3 will make the mark when it comes to updating advantages.


Similar Features of Beats Studio 2 & Studio 3

  • Beats Studio 2 and Studio 3 are compatible with android and ios, which makes the connection easier over any operating system.
  • They hold a battery life indicator on the headset body. Where shows the remaining battery charge and glints when the charge gets low or full.
  • The design of these headsets remains pretty identical, assuring high comfort on wearability.
  • Both headphones come with a 3.5 mm audio jack port, including a remote talk cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable.

Comparison Table: Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3

Specifications  Beats Studio3 Beats Studio2
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Battery Life 22 hours 20hours
Fast Fuel  charging Yes No 
Apple Audio chip  W1 chip None
Bluetooth  5.1 5.1
Android ™ compatible Yes Yes
Water + Sweat resistance  No  No 
Weight  260 g 117.93
Warranty  12 months 12 months

Things You can consider about Beats Studio 2

  • This headset is lighter in weight. It is only about 118 grams that makes it comfortable to wear in long extended conduct. On the contrary, Beats Studio 3 is slightly heavy, about 260 grams. For this reason, somebody might find it discomfort.
  • The Beats Studio 2 can shut off automatically while not being used so that the power consumption of the headset stops and saves energy.

Technically Beats Studio 3 is ahead of Beats Studio 2, but if anyone wants to prioritize extra comfort, then the Beats Studio 2 can be the right choice.

Difference & Similarities: Beats Studio 2 vs 3


The Beats Studio 3 can deliver 22 hours of excellent Battery backup, which ensures more power, more workout, and more music with stable audio quality. Besides, the fast fuel charging unleashed a top-notch development on charging capability that can give 3 hours of battery backup by charging only 10 minutes.

So, in an emergency, this headset becomes unparalleled. In comparison, Beats Studio 2 is also brilliant in battery backup that comes with 20 hours of nonstop power supply.

But this headset has not any fast fuel charging option. Therefore, It takes a specific time to charge fully, and at a critical battery level, this headset needs to charge fully to provide actual performance.


The all-new Apple’s W1 chip manages the hardware and operating system of Beats Studio 3. In addition, it executes the connection speed and increases the Bluetooth connectivity range. Also, this chipset can manage the extra power consumption of the battery and deliver some extra power. This chipset is primarily known for its ultra-smooth optimization too.

On the other hand, the Beats Studio 2 runs with regular Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, it did not include any Apple chipset. For this reason, it faces drop out on connection and less area coverage sometimes.

Active Noise Cancellation

The Beats Studio 3 and Beats Studio 2 are perfectly combined with active noise cancellation. But Beats Studio 3 provides Pure Active noise Cancellation, blocking unwanted and outside noise.

It also can maintain the balance of the sound according to the situation. Conversely, the Beats Studio 2 allows adaptive active noise cancellation, but it’s not as efficient in providing clear sound as Beats Studio 3.


These headsets both put the best quality microphone inside. But the Beats Studio 3 used two microphones for better recording and confirming pure active noise cancellation. Where the Beats Studio 2 comes with one microphone. Which can also record audio with excellent quality, but two microphones make the Beats Studio 3 incredible from Beats Studio 2. 

Sound Quality

Beats Studio never compromises with their sound quality, and here also, it is no different. Both Beats Studio 2 and 3 are extraordinary in sound quality. When needed, they maintain extra beats, premium and punchy sound for better listening. So there is no room to complain about Sound Quality.


These headsets are made of high-quality Plastic. Both headsets are flexible and can fit easily over any head size. In addition, the soft ear pads made of fine leather and foam make them more comfortable to wear.


The Beats Studio sanctioned a 12-month warranty to fix specific problems or the issues they’ve mentioned.


The Beats Studio 3 and Beats Studio 2 are two excellent headphones. But the difference is the latest features and updated operating system. Where the Beats Studio 3 is at the top and elegant. Consequently, it is the viable headset and ultimate choice for the Customer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beats Studio 3 and Beats Studio 2

Can we get any extra ear pads with these headsets?

Unfortunately, no, they didn’t offer any extra ear pads.

Are they also compatible with the Windows operating system?

Yes, if the computer is eligible with Bluetooth, you can connect.

Do these headsets have On-ear capability?

No, they are over-ear headsets.

Can I get any charging adapter with these headphones?

Unfortunately, no, they give just a charging cable in the box.

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