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Airpods vs Beats Solo 3If you are searching for perfect wireless headphones with maximum stability, then here is the Beats Solo 3 for you. Of course, Apple Airpods is an excellent wireless headphone, but The Beats Solo 3 offers some remarkable features that make it worthy of great headsets.

Why Beats Solo 3 is Worth Buying?

  • Beats Solo 3 is a battery backup monster with 40 hours of battery life, which can easily cover up two whole days. If you are a long-term user, then nothing but Beats Solo 3 is the ultimate headset for you. Besides, it needs only 2 hours to charge fully, which is impressive. In comparison, the Apple Airpods come with 5 hours of power backup. Though it can provide 24 hours with a charging case, it is not that convenient as a primary battery backup.
  • The latest fast charging technology, “Fast-Fuel,” is available on Beats Solo 3, ensuring 3 hours battery backup in just 5 minutes of charge when the battery gets low. As a result, it will be the perfect solution in your hurry. Unfortunately, the Airpods is not compatible with that Fast Fuel function and only capable of regular fast charging.
  • This headset developed Bluetooth Class 1 connectivity that delivers up to 300 feet of connection range. Also, this feature affirms fewer dropouts, including maximum sound clarity where Apple Airpods remains on regular Bluetooth connectivity, Which is better with the connection but not with the connection range.
  • This Solo 3 offers an adjustable on-ear fit design that gives the highest comfort to the wearability. Its round cushioned ear cups fit in the ear perfectly. So, if you are concerned about ear pain in long-term use, you can go for Beats Solo 3 without worrying. The Airpods also fit well to the ear, but sometimes users might find it painful for different sizes of ear and its in-ear design.
  • This headset has a 3.5 mm RemoteTalk cable in the box. You can connect to incompatible Bluetooth devices for this cable while Apple Airpods do not feature any RemoteTalk Cable.

Overall, the Beats Solo 3 contains impressive features that make it a powerful headset. Moreover, it maintains its consistency very well. Thus we can assure you that Beats Solo will be a perfect choice.


Similar Features

  • These headphones are built with an Apple W1 audio chipset, which operates with pinpoint optimization and delivers satisfying outcomes.
  • Both of these two are compatible with android and ios. Also, they can connect to pc or laptop via Bluetooth.
  • The voice assistant “ Siri” activated on these headphones will assist you with any questions by saying, “Hey Siri.”

Comparison Table: Airpods vs Beats Solo 3

Specifications  Beats Solo 3 Airpods
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Battery Life 40 hours 5 hours
Fast charging Yes No 
Audio chip  Apple W1 Apple W1
Microphones 1
Bluetooth  5.0 4.0
Android ™ compatible Yes Yes
Digital Assistant  Siri Siri
Weight  7.58 ounces  2.4 ounces
Warranty  12 months 12 months

Things you can consider about the Apple Airpods

  • The Apple Airpods supports Qi-certified wireless charger that can deliver 7.5-watt power to charge the Airpods case.
  • Very lightweight design and easy to carry. The charging case is also designed accurately to fit anywhere in your bag.
  • The voice assistant works the second you say “Hey Siri “because of the Always-On feature.

A vast community particularly likes Apple AirPods because of their looks. Also, the characteristics mentioned earlier can be the deciding factor for choosing Apple Airpods.

Difference & Similarities: Apple Airpods vs Beats Solo 3


Beats Solo 3 significantly improves the battery, ensuring 40 hours of battery life. Which makes it an ultimate power monster. You can easily use it for two days with a single charge. In addition, the charging time of this battery is quite brilliant. The battery takes only 2 hours to charge fully.

An exciting function is Fast fuel charging, which allows you to have 3 hours of battery life from 5 minutes of charging. Consequently, the Apple Airpods delivers 5 hours of battery life and 24 hours of backup with a charging case. Which is considerable for regular use, but when it comes to long-term use and charging continually, the Beats Solo is pretty ahead of Apple Airpods.


The Apple 1st generation chipset ‘Apple W1’ operates the Beats Solo and Apple AirPods; that chipset optimizes the headphones and brings solid performance. Besides, this chipset improves battery performance by monitoring battery consumption. Sound quality becomes excellent because of this chipset. For having a W1 chipset, the connection remains stable and ensures flawless connection with zero dropouts.

Bluetooth Connection 

The Beats Solo 3 contains the latest Bluetooth technology Bluetooth Class 1. For this specification, the connection range of this headset increases. This Class 1 is capable of giving 300 feet of connection range. On the other hand, the Apple Airpods holds regular 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity that can provide about 30 feet of connection range. As a result, holding up the connection is way better with the Beats Solo 3.

Sound Quality 

These headsets didn’t compromise the sound quality. They both included an audio chipset (Apple W1) for clear sound outcomes with clarity. But the Beats Solo 3 comes with an ear cushioned ear cup design that makes you feel every detail by stopping sound from leaking. Well, the earbuds of the Airpods are pretty tiny to give this kind of facility. So we find the sound quality more satisfying than Apple Airpods.


There is a Built-in mic on each of the earbuds of Apple Airpods, which are very consistent with recording and enhance the calling experience. Also, the Airpods is efficient with recording sound with utmost detail. At the same time, the Beats Solo 3 used dual beam-forming mics. This mic is also brilliant with the recording and voice calling. 


Apple Airpods and The Beats Solo 3 come with a 12 months warranty with some policies that the manufacturer grants through AMAZON. However, we urge you to read the warranty policies carefully before buying.


The Beats Solo 3 is a headset that can fulfill your needs because it is incomparable in some major segments that we’ve mentioned above. The Apple Airpods is great, but we recommend the Beats Solo 3 for its robust specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions of Airpods and Beats Solo 3

Do Apple Airpods Support Fast charging?

Yes, you can charge Airpods with a fast charger and wireless charger.

Can I replace the earcup cushion on Beats Solo 3?

Yes, you can replace the earcup cushion.

Are these headphones compatible with Macbook?

Yes, they can connect to the MacBook via Bluetooth.

Do they provide an extra charging cable with the box?

Unfortunately no, only one USB cable is available with these headsets.

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